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Stockholm, Sweden


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Azadi - Is a Swedish music producer from Stockholm. The signature of Azadi is to give the listener an electronic roller-coaster through music.

Azadi (real name Navid Azadi) started creating music as a young kids at its first computer on the software "Fast tracker".
His first album was only burned on 2 copies on CD-ROM. 
The talent of Azadi has was not used for 15 years because of university studies and work in the finicial sector, when he at age 28 gave the music a second chance. 

Azadi launched its first album (Emotions) on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and more in spring 2016. It's last album called Emotions it's a reflection of feelings that appears when Azadi produced or listening to the songs. Azadi want it's listeners to feel good and strong. 

Spotify search: Azadi - Emotions

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