Aufect Recordings was founded by Patrik Cure in 2008, to serve as a platform for the abundance of talented Canadian artists that were just coming into their own at the time, successfully releasing six 12” plates to critical acclaim in the burgeoning Dubstep days. Aufect was responsible for early releases from producers like Mark Instinct, XI, DZ, Bombaman, Snak The Ripper, Levrige, Philthkids, Kid Kurse, BSMNT, Vlsonn, Self Evident and HxdB, the latter name eventually being brought onboard to work with the label in 2011. The label decided to switch to a digital format around the same time, to adapt with the changing market, and allow more freedom with releasing the vast amounts of quality music the ever-shifting musical landscape was providing.

Over the years, the label continued to search for the bleeding edge of bass music, constantly morphing. The Aufect back catalogue is a diverse mixture of Dubstep, Bass House, UK Garage, Club, Footwork, Jungle, Drum & Bass, Techno and just about everything you could imagine in-between. As their testament to the love of all things dance music, the duo (Cure and HxdB) continued to cultivate music from exciting Canadian talent, as they themselves were cultivating a new partnership in the musical collaboration, GREAZUS. At the label’s core is the concept of collaboration, and they feel proud to work with and help develop talent.


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New EP from Brooklyn native Doctor Jeep. Remixes by GREAZUS, Levrige, Subcorr

Incredible EP from Vancouver's Michael Red that takes on an beautifully unsettling journey.

Vancouver's Levrige make their debut on Aufect with this Jungle, Footwork and Halftime monster EP.

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