Something About You (Original Mix) (P,W "MILAN" remix)

Performed by
E.K.O, Maya Maman

Remixed by P,W "MILAN"

E min
128 bpm
E min
128 bpm

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About this Remix

Hello. My name is Patric (MILAN) Whitstone and this is my remix. You'll notice right of the bat I've changed the entire root note and structure of the track. I've kept some small semblance of the old track but very little. The moment I took a listen to the song I imagined something different. I threw in some of my favorite Jazz chords and viola, it made sense. I gave the track an odd dark sound and feel, with lurking piano chords, Arps and low passed pads hiding under the main vocal melody. At first I thought I was in over my head when I wrote my own original song structure from the ground up, but after a while it all fell in place. I took the chorus melody from the original track and moved around some notes to follow the descending Piano chord pattern. It sounds wicked in my opinion. The vocalist has a lot of power and the ad-libbed melody that transitions into the final chorus just feels great. I'm quite proud of the fact that I created a song that is instrumentally complex. If I we're to upload the track without vocals you'd be able to hear each and every single chord and it would still sound decent. I'm not much of a mixer, but I'd say it sounds fine at best.

Posted 1 year ago
Owned by Audiophile Records


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