E.K.O, Maya Maman - Something About You (Original Mix)

Performed by E.K.O, Maya Maman

E min
128 bpm
E min
128 bpm

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About this Track

The E.K.O trio are no strangers to Audiophile Live, with 'Something About You' being their third release, this time with the talented Maya Maman on vocals. Recently selected as "Demo Of The Week" on Hardwell's On Air #118 with John Dish, E.K.O is on the verge of making their break, as one of Israel's most impressive prospects. Feeling this track? Grab a remix license and show us what you've got! We're here to give young producers a chance to remix our music legally, and to find some fresh talent.

Posted 1 year ago
Owned by Audiophile Records

7 Stems

bassperformed by E.K.O. on Bass
leadperformed by E.K.O. on Synth
main leadperformed by E.K.O. on Synth
pianoperformed by E.K.O. on Piano
vocalperformed by Maya Maman on Vocals
vocal bperformed by Maya Maman on Vocals
vocal + fxperformed by Maya Maman on Vocals

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Jerome Taylor 4 months ago

This should be a lot of fun to remix!! Thanks for the opportunity!