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Working title. I wouldn't know which sub-genre of house to put this in, its got a commercial sort of vibe without being a massive cheesefest. def has potential.

You'll need to use headphones/decent speakers to hear the bass as it is very low and doesnt come out of the laptop speakers. Piano line needs work and imo the track is crying out for female vocals.

Would like whoever is interested (if anybody), to have access to a vocalist or the perfect pella lined up.


Posted 4 years ago
Owned by Audio Dropout


Stems (13)

pump 15 7-pad 1
pump 15 8-pad 2
pump 15 bass
pump 15 fx
pump 15 house beat
pump 15 kick
pump 15 piano
pump 15 snare
pump 15 synth 1
pump 15 synth 1.1
pump 15 synth 1.2
pump 15 top 1
pump 15 vox


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