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Hear my unconscious mind.


Asleep to live in my dreams
Sometimes what I feel inside
Doesn't reside on the outside:
Suicide unless I'm by your side
I abide by what you have set aside
Alive with eyes wide I love you with excessive pride:

Clueless to how rootless my notions can be
Unable to say what I truly mean
A dream within a dream
I fantasize within my fantasy
Building what could be considered a catastrophe:

A dream architect partial toward paradox
Building blocks toward the heavens like the Tower of Babel
Lost in translation among the Mal-formations
Relations are severed, depicted as self-inflicted

Addicted to go ever deeper within the realm
To forever forget or fathom the faith or truth: vera
An abrupt train of thoughts wakes me up as reality is lost and dreams erupt
Wanting to escape the very fantasy I've created
Haunted by every memory I've elevated
Fated to live life gated
My mind feels invaded as my dreams collapse:

Awake awake I awake

During times of great despair
Is when we're most aware
Bare of everything that we thought was important
Until we realize what was given to us
During those times was more than enough

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RushNReady 1 year ago

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