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I describe my genre as "Cinematic Future Pop," because it follows a three-act story structure and maintains the same general mood throughout. I think that the song is very driven by the undertone, which was the inspiration for original beat/bassline that I came up with. It is one of my favorite songs that I have produced, and I appreciate the opportunity to work with such amazing vocals.

Posted 1 year ago
Owned by Cyrus Reynolds


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Grey Salmon 1 year ago

please listen to our remix and give us feedback so we can improve. Thanks alot :)https://skiomusic.com/aive/cyrus-reynolds-when-you-call-aive-remix

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Max Madd 1 year ago

Hey AtYourLeisure, I just liked your entry ! Make sure to follow my Instagram 📲 and Soundcloud 📡: @maxmaddmusic Good luck in the contest ! 📀


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