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Phoenix, United States

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Electronic music producer astrofunk seeks to breathe life into his music, using an atmospheric sound and an organic progression to capture the evolution of self as it relates to an ever-changing world. His rebellious spirit is reflected in his unique, dynamic sound that embodies elements from across multiple genres in order to challenge the status quo and coax the listener outside of their comfort zone.

His humble roots as a trance dj built the foundation for a passion for music. As he developed a heavier and more organic sound, astrofunk attracted the attention of such blogs as Only the Beat and Dance Music Northwest, as well as an international radio show Radio Prun 92 hosted by Joan of Art.

With over 18,000 plays and 11,000 downloads on Soundcloud, his deeply romantic psychedelic remix of Mr. Probz ? Waves revealed a hypnotic and eclectic sound that resonated with the electronic music community.

In 2015, astrofunk pushes the envelope even further, incorporating original guitar and vocal content into his music to embody a more abstract conceptual sound. By deconstructing his music into smaller components and repeating specific elements, he takes the listener on a journey that emulates the ebbs and flows of life, with the hopes of inspiring the listener to be open to creating a better reality for themselves and the world.

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