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About this Song

My debut single, hope you guys like it and don't forget to share!!

Composed, Engineered, Produced and Mastered by Toasin Ashraf
Written by: Toasin Ashraf, Joe Lian


Only if you knew
What i feel like everyday
Wondering 24/7
If you felt the same way
Feels like part of me is missing
Constantly have been reminiscing
Over this night, been so distracted i
Feel so empty inside, wondering if you've been lying
I hate the hold you so have over me
Tell myself I've moved on but honestly
I’m trying to bury those memories deep
Our love is a fallacy with a price tag too steep
Thought you were the one now it sounds lame
I knew you once now you are a stranger
We told each other that nothing would change us
Now distance became the catalyst for the end but…

I wore my heart on my sleeve
Gave it to you all wrapped up
Didn’t think it would ever be
(Mmmmh) So messed up
How did we end up here?
From a love so pure so sincere
You used to be my metaphor for happy
Now the only thing left is pain my dear
As I’m sitting here wondering, where we are, what we could've been
You were my rock, and became the first of many things
Secretly wishing you would come back
Held on to a hope nope shouldn't have done that
Then one day i woke it was all bad dream,
Forgotten memories turned to dust
The past has passed and love was lust
And lust was us and us was up.

Posted 3 years ago
Owned by Ash Florien


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Subtonix 3 years ago

Great hip hop track Ash - your vocals are on point!

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Ash Florien 3 years ago

thank you so much!

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