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The song is written, produced, sung, mixed and mastered by me. I have tried to use as much of vocals and the sauce as I could. The tone playing under the piano are two instances of the same line..one as a mono reverb and the other was pitched and altered using the sauce and then sent through a vocoder. The chords with the piano are accompanied by parts sung by me. The same parts are duplicated and sent through the sauce for widening..formant shifting to give it a paddy feel. Small organ type triplets are also made using the sauce through the sampler in which I recorded a small part. Even the Bass is made using my voice by singing the lowest note possible by me, making it flat using melodyne, compression and distortion using the sauce and then bounced off and sent to a sampler. Through the sampler I add punch and later use transient processing. I have tried to incorporate vocals and the sauce to make the song more organic and humanly. I hope you like the song. Thank you

Posted 5 months ago
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