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I'm good at many things, but the ones I focus on more are the very things I excel at. My skills vary from math, to writing and drawing a variety of stories and characters, to poetry and writing music that gets me pumped in all types of vibes or situations. Not much to say about my self since I'm still trying to work my way up to finally get myself into college with the money I hope to save up and if this high road doesn't get me there I still got a list of talents up my sleeve, my other resort is to do one of my many lost dreams, Join the United States Marines. Lets see how my skills get me to succeed. In the end i plan on being a mechanical engineer with if so a career in this industry as well. You see the possibilities are endless. Failure is not an option. Oh and if you think I'm a shy person afraid of other peoples opinions, think again. I'm an open book, and I'm also a proud lesbian so nothing can cross me, I'm here to go places not get worked up over nothing. As i always like to say go hard or go home. Mi vida es mi corazon. Good luck to you, everyone needs to hear it once in a while.


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