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Sydney, Australia


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I am a producer that combines the vibes from a wide variety of electronic genres

Hi I'm a 19yr old DJ/Producer from Sydney, Australia. This is my soundcloud, hope you all enjoy it. I post a variety of music from Future Bass to Trap and even Tropical House.

I was previously known as Quanos but I decided after the soundcloud got taken down that I'd just change the name anyways.


Acoustic Guitar, Composing, DJing, Drum Programming, Editing, Electric Bass, Mixing, Piano, Remixing

Showcase tracks

This track incorporates all I've learnt into one brand new house track that I'm extremely happy about. This track I decided to revisit where I started. House! I'll always love it because it was what got me started in making electronic music. I hope you all feel the beat and its vibes. Exploration, Imagination and Communication all come together to make a track that'll be great for many hours of play.

This is a remix I made for a track that Carnage made, with this I decided to try to make a faster trap version. This is a remix I made for Carnages Track "Don't Call Me", I've incorporated the original track with a more upbeat sound and progressive feel.

This is the 3rd and final track of 3 that I'll be uploading in celebration of my birthday that happened 2 days ago, a big thanks to all who have supported me and been there for me, this track goes out to you guys! Feel them good vibes! THIS TRACK IS A FREE TO DOWNLOAD TRACK! How you all enjoy.

This track is the 2nd of 3 that I will be uploading to signify the drastic changes and styles that I've incorporated in my tracks, This one is called Dream Looper because it gives the vibe of being in different and strange place. A place in which dreams can manifest. Feel free to like the track and download it for free. :) Thanks

As part of my 3 day music post, this will be the 1st of 3 tracks that I'll be uploading to Soundcloud. Todays track is in reality an entirely separate piece of work from all my other tracks. The tracks main focus was the guitar and it took me back to my roots and how I used to play guitar everyday. Hope you enjoy this strange track of mine.