ARCHIS is the artistic pairing of singer/songwriter Dia Frampton and film composer/producer/arranger Joseph Trapanese. A unique combination of her autobiographical lyrics and his spacious, cinematic orchestrations, ARCHIS sees Frampton define and achieve her true musical vision.

Independently, Dia has written and co-written songs with notable names, such as multi-platinum writer/producer Drew Pearson for tyDi “Stay”, Mark Maxwell aka SILAS (Afrojack) for Lindsey Stirling’s “Shatter Me feat. Lizzie Hale” and most notably, the Grammy-nominated Crystal Method on the song “Over It.” So, after either writing or co-writing all the songs on her solo debut and experiencing unprecedented success in Asia, Frampton still felt something was missing; a void that was filled when her manager hooked her up on a session at Henson Studios with Trapanese, a film composer and conductor known for working with artists like Daft Punk on the Tron score and M83 on the score for Oblivion, as well as arranging for artists like Kelly Clarkson, Active Child, and Zedd, his anything-goes approach appealed to Dia.


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