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Trivandrum, India


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Composing, Editing, Producing, Remixing, Singing, Songwriting

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A strong decision. A powerful step, An aim. Victory. Triumph. Glory, The Midnight Dream.

Heavenly vocals. Guitars of paradise. A taste of eternity. Lost in insanity, lost in love. Jomma.

Mentally broken down. Shattered. Stranded. Still lies in you the extreme power to conquer it all! Digital Breakdown (Mental Edition).

A track that reminds you of the peace in the darkness of the night, the beauty in silence. A dream set in the outskirts of India, and your travel back to reality. The Abyss.

A journey. A path that extends till eternity. The fall. The trance. The rise. The destination. But still, you have a lot to travel. A Million Miles.