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For this remix, I remixed the track in a big room bass house style track. The lead is inspired from the original track itself but with a few twist. The bassline is a famous gritty bass layered with a huge sub. I made this track keeping in mind the club vibes and festival vibes.
Last but not least, My thanks to Just Kiddn For the stems ;)

Posted 3 months ago
Owned by Just Kiddin


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Max Madd 3 months ago

Hey Anux, I just liked your entry ! I'm Max Madd, winner of the James Poyser Splice Contest. For š”šØš§šžš¬š­ šŸšžšžšš›šššœš¤ follow me on šˆš§š¬š­ššš š«ššš¦ : @š¦ššš±š¦ššššš¦š®š¬š¢šœ then send me a message there with your track link šŸ“² ! Also make sure to follow my š’šØš®š§ššœš„šØš®š šŸ“” for more music : @š¦ššš±š¦ššššš¦š®š¬š¢šœ


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