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I created this track because I knew there was a higher sense of well being. I needed to feel elevated, and this track made me feel higher. Stay uplifted because in life, know that there's so many ups and downs. Life isn't always going to be great everyday, & you're going to face obstacles. It is up to you if you want to get through that down time. When you do, you will be a stronger person. Every time life goes up, surpass the feeling and go even higher.

Posted 1 year ago
Owned by Bass Lee


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Max Madd 1 year ago

Hey Antity, I just liked your entry ! Make sure to follow my Instagram 📲 and Soundcloud 📡: @maxmaddmusic Good luck in the contest ! 📀

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D3Z & RILL0 1 year ago

nice track, could you check ours out? https://skiomusic.com/r/oFu


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