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Escuintla, Guatemala

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"Anthony J" (March 21, 1998 - Escuintla, Guatemala) He is an American Latin actor and singer.

Anthony J was born in Escuintla,Guatemala, but he lost his bioligical mother after his birth, so he lived his first years in an orphanage in Guatemala City.
Fortunately, when he was 4 years old he has been adopted by an italian family
Her mother, Lina is a nurse, and her father, Mauro De Fabritiis is a bus driver. He has an older brother Carlos Robberto De Fabritiis. He has had a very " Cristian Catholic" education from his family, and, although his first begginning of life; he had a very happy childhood.

Anthony J start loving music and entertaing since he was a child, almost when he was six years old, thanks to his father's passion for collecting discs and vinyls of classical artists of the 80's.
when he was 14 he started singing inspirated from Michael jackson's songs and U2's songs ; so he starded studiyng singing in a school of music in Italy .
when he was 17, and he decided to begin acting as a film actor, and he still is.
Nowaday he decided to follow his dream; he want be a singer and an actor, famous in m,any conuntry; he' d like to act in an american film; and also to sing on a famuos international stage.
He wants to do this because he sees himself like a lucky guy , and he wants to show his happiness and hope for a better future, to lots of people around the world.


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