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The remix itself is a blend of various genre elements, Pop melody, Acoustic drums, Cinematic Piano and Strings, etc. I didn't want to stretch or change the dynamics of the vocals so I decided to keep the same Tempo and key and went for a hopeful and positive composition.
The drums are made using AKAI drum synth, I have designed all my sounds in Harmor and PoiZone, voice pads and strings are from KONTAKT.
I hope you will enjoy the remix as much as I did working on it.
Best regards

Posted 4 months ago
Owned by Cyrus Reynolds


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Grey Salmon 4 months ago

please listen to our remix and give us feedback so we can improve. Thanks alot :)https://skiomusic.com/aive/cyrus-reynolds-when-you-call-aive-remix

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ANNMS 4 months ago

Sure mate, I am on it.

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