Aniello Guerra is an Italian Electronic Music Producer, currently living in Germany.
"He is been making music for quite a while now, 20 years to be more accurate. He started, out like anyone else who does music, in a band, as a keyboardist. Later, as a solo artist, He started to establish myself a little bit.

"his interests has always been in electronic music so he started producing music myself and making it available to the world. Guerra has proved his mettle against the best ot them and won himself a number of remix competitions over the years."

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Hey · Aniello Guerra Hey ℗ 2018 Aniello Guerra Released on: 2018-03-26 Producer: Aniello Guerra Composer: Aniello Guerra Music Publisher: Aniello Guerra

Artist page: https://indiefy.net/artist/aniello-gu... This is a low-quality video of this song, you can listen a better quality version on music stores or streaming platforms.

Viktor Naumenko - Carefree Time (Aniello Guerra Remix) Release date: 1st February 2019 (excl Beatport) 15 Feb all stores Preview & Buy here: progressivevibesmusic.fanlink.to/pvm009

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