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Amir is originally from Iran, currently living in Toronto Canada. Here is a little bit about him:

Amir was born in Tehran, Iran in March of 1992. The love of music and singing was so apparent in his early years in this word, so much so that at 2 years old he was singing one of Andy’s songs called “Alaghoz Acher” which is an Armenian…

Oh and just in case you dont know Andy is an Iranian artist as well, after the revolution he migrated to the US and has made a name on international stages as well, you can check him on his website just click here: andymusic.com

Amir moved to Canada in January of 2003 with his family, and loves it, and as you can tell he is walking towards fulfilling his dream to follow the success of Andy, as he is his idol.

in his words: ”Amir saw Andy’s Interview on TV and while watching it Amir was dreaming of singing with him on the same stage!”

Its his dream to sing with Andy as singer to the point that Amir even thought about using his platinum album and sing along with it as a second voice and record it.

As time gone by his love for music grew and grew so he thought of becoming a D.J. and that would help him achieve what he is after faster but quite frankly, he not like it very much.

Here is the kicker between 2003 – 2004 he changed school’s three times and finally in 2005, he got in to Drewry Secondary School where he started learning drum, then in In 2007, he was told to stay in the music class and sing!

Amir was getting the chance to start and build his success, but guess what he was shy! Can you believe it? It was even suggested that he sings in Farsi just like Andy and or Sandy and guess what he couldn’t do it cause he was shy!

But that was the beginning and as time passed by and he got to go on stage more and more and the number of practices , he got much more confident and got more experience.

Amir is planning a tour for 2012 and you can find all the information on this site, simply go to Tour Dates: amirfanmusic.com and join him for a night if unforgettable entertainment.

But that was the beginning and as time passed by and Amir got to go on stage more and more and the number of practices , Amir got much more confident and more experience.

Amir's starting record new album in 2014. Its name is Bigharar 
Be Released in 2018. 

Amir’s Genres are Pop , Rock , Club More Persian & International Music.



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Welcome To My Official SKIO Music