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This track was derived from the idea of romanticizing loneliness, carrying weight that we all consider to be the result of not having anyone but when the time comes to actually let some one in feeling a sense of loneliness still and that being more comforting that feeling vulnerable.  What inspired this track was the malaise that became a part of my life while working effortlessly on my very first EP. I had spent about 9 months writing, scrapping, and rewriting a ton of songs and rolling in and out of a million different emotions. Most nights I'd arrive at a studio as the sun was nearly setting and I would be leaving as it was rising. Most of that time was spent alone and while creating things so intimate and personal it honestly became a part of what I loved the most.

Posted 2 years ago
Owned by Amber Ryann


Stems (5)

CHORUS SYNTH LEAD performed by Amber Ryann
LONELY LEAD ONE performed by Amber Ryann on Vocals
SAMPLE VOX performed by Amber Ryann
SYNTH BASS performed by Amber Ryann
SYNTH ONE performed by Amber Ryann


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