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Having unraveled the stems in Ableton, the part I'd immediately latched onto was the piano bit right at the end of the original track. It reminded me of the second disc of Parov Stelar's album Coco, and suddenly I'd imagined this trap / hip-hope tune adopting a slightly faster swing groove, with the underlying orchestral instruments taking a greater space in the spotlight, accompanied by acoustic guitar strums. The first drop takes to that swing with a heavy, almost psy-glitchy attitude, while the second erupts into a full-blown drum-n'-bass crescendo with layers of orchestral strings, hypersaws, chugging guitar harmonies, and then some.

Posted 7 months ago
Owned by Westwood Recordings


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Subtonix 5 months ago

Love the swing, A!

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Isak Dahling 6 months ago

Really nice, i like it! I've made a remix of Make Me Yours, check it out if you got time! :)


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