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Parksville, Canada


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i aim to create music from the heart by combining natural world elements and instruments with complex melodies and chords to forge beautiful songs

My name is Geordie Allen. I mostly do music on the side. Kind of a hobby if you will. Right now I am media management for the EDM duo Wild Cards. We are currently playing a number of shows in Vancouver and they are embarking on their journey to success. I am helping them get there to the best of my ability. I do photo/video work as well as music production and djing. It's tough to balance all of these artistic hobbies and jobs so Music I've put off as a hobby for the time being. At least until I have more time on my hands to continue with it full time!


Acoustic Guitar, Cello, Composing, DJing, Drum Programming, Editing, Piano

Showcase tracks

This is one of my very first tracks. It took me about a month to make and I dwelled on it for about three before finally releasing it. I really discovered my area's in which i struggle with this track and used it to try and improve them as much as possible.