Since i was young i loved music. I remember when i was recording on audio tapes music from TV just so i can listen to those songs every time i want. I was always singing. I even used to bring joy to my neighbors since i was 5, bringing music to the whole neighborhood. Queen was my favorite of that time.. Actually Queen and Michael Jackson.
In 2011, i discovered i everyone can try to make music. So i started fooling around with various softwares for music production. I had no idea what i am doing, but i liked it. I loved it actually, that much, that i made me going. I never stopped believing in myself, nor did those around me.
I kept getting experience, and today, i'm here. It may not be much, i may not be a superstar, but i am the one that doesn't care about the trend. I make music because i like it.
I always believed that music brings us closer, and shows the best of us.
From music production to DJ it's my joy of relaxation, it's the way i cope with the daily stress.


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