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Greetings from Bangladesh.

My name is Akashii and I am a participant in the Take Away remix competition.

I really liked the vocal. Its my type of music and I loved it.

Remixing it, I feel good. Thanks for the opportunity, SKIOMUSIC, The Chainsmokers & Illenium.


Posted 9 months ago
Owned by The Chainsmokers


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SNTH 16 days ago

Hi! It's good to see another producer from Bangladesh! What I have noticed is the snares being a little off beat. If you would just fix that, it would be cool! (P.S. I know it's a bit too late to say that, 'cuz the contest ended :P)

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Cris Kanahuati 8 months ago

Nice bro! you have my like! I also participate in the contest. best of luck m8!

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Akashii 8 months ago

Hey bro! Thank you so much! I have just checked out your remix and hey bro I liked it! It has got me moving! :D Best of luck to you too! Such a vibe!

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