Hey guys ,

i m Advikk a producer from India . I started producing since i was 15 years old and i love dance music specifically
cuz i make dance music . i m into every kind of music but except dance music i love orchestral and cinematic music i also make some scores just because i love it .
I am looking forward to know some interesting people here and want to work together :)
i know everyone is unique in their own way so i would love to know and make some friends and make some music

well Thanks for reading this long ><

have a great day!!!

Peace !


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This is my track Apocalypse i created some days ago , its a future bass track and i love strings and cinematic music so its kind of long but i tried to make a cinematic feel with strings and other instruments .hope you like it. :)

In this i tried to merge orchestral music and dance music. comment if you like it .

This is the rmx i did for asher postman remix contest of song " Going to the sun" hope you like it :)

Again a remix of Miavono Rise its a progressive house track. hope you love it.

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