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Strasburg (Um.), Germany

Freyza Records

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german electronic music producer in genres like Drum & Bass, House, Tropical House and many more.

Alectric was born on the 1st June 1996 in Berlin. Early in his childhood, he decided to become an artist later and his first contact with music was Scooter. In that time, he listened only to Trance and Future Trance. Later in school he met a new scool mate, which showed him another type of music, which was Hardstyle. At that time, he began to listen to this genre every day and he also found out other genres like Trap, Bigroom, Happy Hardcore, Hardcore, House, Tropical House and many more. Now it's 2 years ago, where he started to produce music he don't want to make music in one genre only. He produce music, that comes from his inner mind. Emotional melodies and a feeling, you will never forget.



Showcase tracks

music I made with my feelings. This track describes my inner mind and will be a part of the album "Lost"