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This past year I somehow found myself in a relationship with someone that was in every way, shape, and form, out of my league. I sat down in the studio one day with the intention of translating that in-awe, starstruck feeling of being in love, and Overdrive is what came out the other end

Posted 2 years ago
Owned by Adam Turley


Stems (4)

AT-Overdrive-RG-m5-BGV performed by Adam Turley on Vocals
AT-Overdrive-RG-m5-GANGS performed by Adam Turley on Vocals
AT-Overdrive-RG-m5-INS-X performed by Adam Turley on Synth
AT-Overdrive-RG-m5-LV performed by Adam Turley on Vocals

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Crystal Rock 🔥 5 months ago

dope af! <3

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Subtonix 2 years ago

Adam - this is a great track! The vocal is FIRE, and you have some fantastic stems!

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Adam Turley 2 years ago

Thank you so much!

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