Musical death lies in isolation, this kills creativity, it surrounds everything with monotonous ideas.
The key is in feeling part of a whole that never stops changing, music is dialogue, a continuous question and answer.
Opening up to new sounds, bombarding ourself with novelties, updating one's style.
No self-respecting artist has a sound that goes on throughout his career, if he did, he would end up in oblivion.
We are in search of the meaning of life like those who make music seek their own style.
We are the fruit of evolution, metamorphosis, change: if we stopped, we would be finished.
The DNA never repeats itself, the magma inside the earth never stops moving, the seas mix continuously, the earth turns, the whole solar system moves.
Why should we stop?
Why should we abide by the rules imposed by those who want us to shut up.
I love the right revolution, I love the different, I prefer change even if it can lead to failure.
Better a dynamic failure than a static shutdown.
Although we are the fruit of it, change is frightening: it disorients.
To go against social patterns means to be seen badly, to succeed is fundamental.


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