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Thanks to Skio MUSIC, STAND FOR TREES and Simon Mejia (Bomba Stereo) for bringing this remix contest to all of us new producers from all levels and nations. For me it was amazing all the sounds recorded in nature, the person who was recorded brought our Latin American roots to my soul and heart. These people living nearby the Amazonia area respect Mother Nature and live in harmony with the environment, animals, and resources.

We as human citizens should learn from them, take care of them and preserve our American continent diversity. I am from Guatemala City and understand the importance of waking up to Natures call.

I hope you like and enjoy my remix as I enjoyed doing it. I close my eyes and imagine myself on a wooden canoe at night, seeing how the fireflies enlight the dark night and how the sounds of the forest sorrounding me.

Posted 4 months ago
Owned by Stand For Trees


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Maaga 4 months ago

Loved what you've done with this remix! Maaga A&R SKIO Music

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502 G.A.N.G 4 months ago

Tnx appreciate the feedback..!

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