My venture into the depth of sound has been going on for a while... As an Autodidact, i like to go beyond!

Jawharpists; Know your acid...

After descovering Rebirth, Propellerheads there first free software version contain'n some drum machines and 2 Tb 303's.

A lot has changed...

I managed to teach myself some acoustic skillz. Started playing Dan Moi several years ago and also the Jaw harp(if your ever wondering where the acidsound might have somehow originated, even dubstep wobbles are possible).
Just started with Didjeridoo and i'm getting to know my guitar. So some day, there'll be some of that in my work as well...

I might have to add i didn't have any music schoolin' at all. ;)

Try to add some more comments, Please. They are welcome, Thanx!


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Little jawharp experiment. Hope u like it..

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