Starting in 2006, "3.Nigma" made his entry into the world of music making at the age of 15. He started making hip-hop beats for his friends who were rappers as a hobby, but it turned into a serious passion in the years following. Fast-forward to 2010, he was introduced to electronic dance music by a co-worker and his passion for making music took a turn for the better! "I was working at Gamestop and while closing the store after-hours we would listen to music", he says. " One night my co-worker played Fauxing Berlin by Deadmau5 and my life was changed!" After that he dove into the entity that is electronic dance music full force and the rest is history! He landed his first official gig in 2013 through a friend's brother who was a well known local Dj and he has had several shows since then in Macon & Atlanta. With his drive and true passion for creating, 3.Nigma has major plans to make an impact in the art of creating music!


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A random electro-house track I made.

Video by AllbyAlex: https://www.facebook.com/AllbyAlexOfficial

Enjoy this remix I made!

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My remix to The Lost Angeles "Coulda Been Something"

Makes me want to put on my roller skates and groove!

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