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Bobby Hilzen and Jacob Ullom were brought together just this past September, when Bobby was hired to work at a local restaurant in downtown Penn State. As Jay showed Bobby the ropes of serving, the two hit it off instantly. The guys connected over their love for music, and saw the amount of potential in one another. Little did they know, however, they'd come to prove themselves, just months later, as one of the most promising dance music duos of 2017, 3lackout.
Bobby began playing music at the age of 7 when he learned to play the drums. Over the years his love for the craft grew as he composed and created various record collections in the EDM genre. Some of his collections even trended on some of the most prestigious EDM music blogs and magazines such as We Rave You and Aux London. Bobby knew he had to continue making this music.
Jay, on the other hand, was well-known for being one of the best DJs throughout the Penn State, Greek life, and nightlife communities. In his pre-3lackout days, Jay played alongside artists like 3lau, Kapslap, and Audien.
With Bobby's expertise in producing and mixing, and Jacob's extensive experience with DJing, the two decided to combine their talents, forming their duo now known as 3lackout. Before they knew it, their weekends were booked with house party performances. Right away it was clear that these guys were not your average "college" DJs. The two looked at each party as an actual show, and an opportunity to grow and strengthen their brand. Not to mention, they saw their fan base begin to amplify.
Now, the duo has become unstoppable. Steady bookings at local nightclubs are just the beginning. Having opened for several touring artists and concluding an independent college tour, 3lackout plans to release new music this summer--just in time for the biggest performances the duo has seen thus far.


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