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High school friends Rafael, and Vincen started their music career late 2012, Vincen owning a new DJ controller and Rafael owning a new Macbook. The two teamed up with Vincen teaching Rafael how to DJ and Rafael introducing Vincen to the preinstalled software Garageband. They eventually acquired Ableton learning the new DAW together and have been honing their skills since then. The two have been releasing music throughout the years under and old alias, but now forming 1st Place in early 2015, favoring arps, chords and sometimes using strong baselines and 808 kicks. 1st Place can definitely bring together beautiful sounds while sometimes getting their hands dirty with some glitch and gritty basses.


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MUST DIE's original track Neo Tokyo caught our attention, with the K-poppy(ish) chorus and the crazy bass line in the drop but there was room to add and have fun with. So we added an arp kind of stair case to lead into the pac man drop. The drop contains bits of the original drop and our synth style arps and we added a baseline with some movement and chops. We added Keys before the chorus. The second drop contains samples from Super Smash brothers and back to the drop and keys lead out.

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Producer Duo/ Video Games/ Anime/ Glitch And Beautiful Music