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Summer in Norway. Bright never-ending sun all day long. Anticipation rises as the sun sets fire to the clouds. Two friends walking through the city as the night turns from dog to wolf. The tension is in the air and the tension spells party. One passes a 40ounce to the other, as the bottle presses to his lips a kick-drum sounds in the distance. House music? House party? They turn a corner: it’s getting louder. French, completely French –filter, funky and coming out of the window of that flat on the second floor. The door is open? Yeah, open. The house party is a riot of nationalities, a bouncing heaving mass of people enjoying the four-four on the living room floor. Girls. Boys. Don’t knows and all shows. Each of them stops to listen as an Englishman in Norway grabs the mic to rap over these distinctly Gallic melodies.

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