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Technicoloured Roses is an electronic jazz and pop band born a stormy night in early 2011. The members Christina Schilling, Camilla Gottschalck and Jonas Gladnikoff are the voices, songwriters, musicians and producers behind the project. Together they aim to create music that combine the best of the first half of the 20th century with the best of today - as well as a little bit of the future.

The band is an international project with its members from Denmark and Sweden, as well as guest musicians from all over the world. The three members are all experienced songwriters on the European music scene, having been responsible for numerous hits. But this is the first time that they have created a project to release their own material as a band.

In 2012 they released the five-track EP “Planet Of The Roses”. Their first single “Keep On Playing”, featuring the Icelandic musician Einar Bragi, was released under the record label 100 Songs in 2013. The song quickly gained airplay and a video clip was released on Youtube.

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Owned by 100 SONGS


Stems (7)

Bass performed by 100 SONGS
Beat performed by 100 SONGS
Brass and wood performed by 100 SONGS
Guitars performed by 100 SONGS
Pads performed by 100 SONGS
Piano bells performed by 100 SONGS
Vocals performed by 100 SONGS


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