Any O' - Vibrations

Performed by Any O'

125 bpm
125 bpm

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About this Song

This is 100 SONGS 100th single release! Just like our release #1 "Finders Keepers" by Miriam Bryant - our single 100 came out of a project from the Swedish music school Musikmakarna. The song "Vibrations" merges influences from Deep House and Pop into an pulsating and soulful song that easily grabs a hold of you!

Posted 3 years ago
Owned by 100 SONGS

11 Stems

05 - Vibrations Acapperformed by 100 SONGS
BASS_SUB-REVperformed by 100 SONGS
BASS_SUB & TOP_WITHEQperformed by 100 SONGS
D_KICK_FULLperformed by 100 SONGS
DL_MAIN_WITHEQperformed by 100 SONGS
DL_SVA?NG_WITHEQperformed by 100 SONGS
DL_XTRA_WITHEQperformed by 100 SONGS
G_CHORDS_WETperformed by 100 SONGS
G_SOLO:LICKS_WETperformed by 100 SONGS
G_STACC_WITHEQperformed by 100 SONGS
G_vers_WETperformed by 100 SONGS

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danskio 4 months ago

Love the house vibes. Great vocal!


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